Beautiful loving amstaff Hennesy in danger@Brooklyn kill shelter in Brooklyn, New York

Beautiful loving amstaff Hennesy in danger@Brooklyn kill shelter
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A staff member writes: Hennesy is as sweet and smooth as a pup can be. Although she can be a little shy at first, once she warms up to you you'll have a friend for life. A real people dog, Hennesy makes friends fast. She loves playing and is great around children, so she's perfect for a family with a lot of love to give. All she needs is a good bone or ball to chew on and lots of love and she's happy. Take Hennesy home with you today for your own little slice of southern comfort!
Hennesy is located at the Brooklyn Animal Care Center. I am not affiliated with them. For more info about Hennesy or to see her current status, copy - paste this link:
HENNESY -- ID#A1073020
Intake condition INJ MINOR Intake Date 05/09/2016, From NY 11213
Medical Behavior Evaluation GREEN
Medical Summary 05/10/16 15:14 Scan : negative Female Approx 3-4yr S/O: BAR, active. BCS 6/9. Mild waxy debris AU. Dental disease 2/4. Cardiothoracic auscultation WNL. Mild swelling and erythema on right hind, between digits 3 and 4. Mild discomfort on palpation. A: Mild lameness, mild dental disease, overweight. PROGNOSIS: EXCELLENT
Weight 53.4
This dog is located at the Brooklyn Animal Care&Control (2336 Linden Blvd Brooklyn 11208). For more information on a particular dog, email helpdogs @ (remove the spaces) but ONLY email if you are serious about adopting. Please do not email for status updates... You may also contact the NYC ACC at (212) 788-4000 for further automated instructions. Also, have the ID# and shelter location listed at the top of this post handy when inquiring!! This dog is in danger of being on the euthanasia list and could be scheduled to be killed at any time! If you absolutely cannot get to the shelter, please contact participating rescue groups listed toward the bottom of the link to see if they can assist you:
On behalf of the dog before you, THANK YOU
If you cannot adopt foster ! Fostering is free and does not have to be permanent it can be short term but will save a life a rescue group from the link above for more info about fostering
From The ACC site: To help ensure successful adoptions, please fill out a pre-adoption application ( and bring it with you when you come into the Care Center to adopt a pet. If you are coming from outside of the immediately area, it is strongly suggest that you first complete an application and email it to adoption @ -This will allow ACC to answer any questions and resolve any potential obstacles before you make the trip.
*This dog is located at Animal Care and Control, I am not affiliated with them and I cannot 'hold' or pull any dog...I am simply trying to help give them the 2nd chance they all deserve. You will have to call the Animal Care Center at the tel# above, or contact a rescue group from the link above for assistance.
For more information on adopting please read the following:

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